International network of the spiritual destinations and routes


With this name you can define an association without intention of profit with an international focus that has following main objectives:

- Announce the different spiritual experiences, happenings, events, spaces, destinations, routes, buildings, territories, establishments, performances, interventions, publications, propagations, summaries, celebreties or any activity relative on the spiritual statements.

- Promoting the spiritual tourism, like a tool of stimulation of the spiritual experience.

- Arrange the different destinations, routes, sanctuaries and spiritual events to have the chance to be known.

- To maintain, protect the sanctuaries, destinations or spiritual routes of the humanity that are in delicate situations or in danger.

- Spreading, popularize all the spiritual, like the spiritual celebrations and elements of wealth and the diversity of humanity.

- Promote the respect of all kinds of worships or spiritual experiences always to be positive and to encourage the peace and respect between the different confessions.

- Promote the recovery, creation or construction of the institution, associations or initiatives who place value on spaces or spirtual experiences.

- Collaborate with all types of institutions who promote positive spirituality and especially the spiritual tourism.

- Organize whatever activity which could involve a bigger knowledge and acceptation of the spirituality.

- Create any type of network, including the business studies, to promote all types of establishments, events, outreach programmes for whatever means of communication.